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Site launch … finally!

Well, the day has finally come. I’ve been working on this blog either directly or indirectly since August 2014, and it’s finally time to launch. I had planned to launch by end of 2014 but got sidetracked with some other important initiatives which hopefully make it to a future post.

Along the way, I learned a lot of cool things about WordPress, came to have even greater respect for those technical folks who daily make a living of web-related software development, dusted off my own technical skills, did a lot of writing and editing, and had my passion for us to better understand the etiology and prevention of allergy, confirmed.

This blog really is a labour of love. That love is fuelled by the ache in my heart from seeing any child suffer from eczema, and from scratching my head at why rates of food allergy and other allergic manifestations have skyrocketed in our children’s generation. There are many well-written and science-based blogs written by loving moms who are dealing with food allergies, eczema, environmental allergies, asthma, or all of the above. I struggled with whether I had anything unique to add to the collective voice on the internet, but there were many encouragers along the way who told me to keep going, told me I had something valuable to add.

I hope other parents whose little ones suffer from eczema and other allergic manifestations will find this site useful. When people remember (or see photos of) my daughter’s awful baby eczema and then see her today — running around in her porcelain-like, supple, beautiful skin, like nothing was ever the matter — they are usually intrigued. I began finding it difficult to do our story justice in 30-second-soundbites exchanged in passing with other moms. I found it even more difficult to answer the question “What do you use instead?” in a non-intimidating, detailed way. I have endeavoured to put both our story and our product list on this site and (believe it or not!) tried to be succinct! The detail is there so that people can get just what they need from our story: skim it to get a sense of where I’m coming from, come back for a more detailed read if it intrigues you or you want to give detergent-removal and problem-solving a try.

Thanks for joining me here. Please subscribe if you like what you’re reading. My first few posts will attempt to explain the eczema flare mysteries (at the bottom of Part I of our story): why I believe my children’s eczema flared, in light of the solveeczema theory.

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