AllergyJourney is about my family’s journey with allergies, eczema and asthma.

When my babies were diagnosed with eczema, I longed to understand the cause. I wanted freedom from the maddening randomness of the flares. I wanted lifted the burden of constant moisturizing and sincere concern over continual topical steroid use. I never imagined I could have that freedom until I stumbled upon a credible, citizen-science website ( Through the analytical eye of my undergraduate Biology degree, I found the theory presented to be scientifically-plausible. It led us to a treatment-free solution for eczema and astonishingly brought me drug-free relief from lifelong asthma. I couldn’t have known at the outset how much our journey would change me.

This site exists partially to share our story about what happened after we removed sources of synthetic detergent from our home and implemented solveeczema’s problem-solving approach. The well-being of every family member improved. My own perspective on atopy (the genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma and eczema), wrought by an undergraduate education that focused on the theory of evolution and adaptation, changed dramatically after my children and I found relief without drugs. Perhaps shocking to some, but quite logical to me now, I no longer believe people who suffer from allergies have “defective genes”.

This site is mostly about our journey of discovery and how our experiences make my heart ache to better understand the etiology and prevention of the whole family of allergic diseases, including food and environmental allergies, too. I share my family’s story of how we changed our home environment, list the products we use instead, and our hope-inspiring results. I also write a science-based blog where I highlight research in and post thoughts about food allergy, eczema, environmental allergies, and my ponderings along this journey. A warm welcome to you! Please investigate the site with the links along the top and bottom menus.