Our Story, Part IV: What’s This Blog About?

This is Part IV of a four-part “Our Story” article. In this part, I discuss the purpose and my hopes for this site and blog, and what kinds of information and posts you can expect to find here. In other parts, I discuss:

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Our Story, Part IV: What’s this Blog About?

Let me start off by listing the blog’s basic tenets:

  • I aim for my writing to be science-based.
  • I value the rigor of the scientific method and will try to evaluate what I present through those principles.
  • That being said, I do not think science and the spiritual are mutually exclusive (rather, that they become so when we politicize or polarize them). I believe heartily that there are mysteries about the way the human body works that we just don’t understand, despite the staggering progress we have made in science and technology. I hope to write with a healthy respect for “the mystery” even as I attempt to write in a science-based way.

Some of the posts you can expect are:

  • links to new medical research or journal articles that seem consistent with aspects of solveeczema theory or research that provides food for thought
  • trends in, and interesting research about, the areas of whole foods, hormone-disruption, environmental impacts from detergents and hormone-disruptive chemicals, choices for optimal health
  • thoughts and links to research on etiology of allergy, new treatments for allergy
  • ponderings about the challenges of living with allergies
  • great finds on products for the detergent-avoidant or allergic individual
  • recipes for those avoiding the priority (“top 6”) food allergens

Thanks for joining me!

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