Top of tomato plant that was sheared off by wind, back to life in new soil - the Zombie Tomato! (c) Julie Leung

Hilling Potatoes, Flowering Shallots and the Zombie Tomato – 3rd CBC Radio check-in

Here’s the link to my 3rd in-garden check-in with CBC’s The Homestretch.

This time around, we talked about something called “hilling” potatoes to encourage greater numbers of tubers, I had a question about whether I should pinch off the stalks on my shallots that looked like they were going to flower, and we talked about how the transplanted tomato which was blown clear across the yard, came back to life thanks to my husband. It has affectionately been termed by Tracy Fuller as the “zombie tomato”.

The Homestretch's Tweet Announcing Second In-Garden Check-In

Wind Troubles & Garden Envy – 2nd CBC Radio check-in

I’m a little late to post, but here’s a quick entry with the link to my second in-garden check-in with The Homestretch on CBC Radio.

It aired last Friday. We talked about wind troubles (what was the fate of my tomato plant with the weakened neck?), garden envy and the conundrum a newbie gardener is sure to face in having difficulty differentiating between seedlings and weeds when the green stuff starts coming up in the garden.

CBC The Homestretch's tweet of our first check-in segment

In-Garden Interview with CBC Radio’s The Homestretch – First Check-In

Tracy Fuller, the Director and an Associate Producer of CBC’s The Homestretch, came out to visit us in our garden and do her first check-in of the season.

We’re currently working out our summer schedule for future check-ins, but it looks like they’ll be trying to connect with me bi-weekly, and check in with Chelsie Anderson on the opposite weeks.

Speaking of Chelsie, here’s her interview from last week with tips on getting started with gardens in and around the May long weekend timeframe.